Georgia The Beautiful


Do you get lost in those Instagram picture perfect photos? Crystal clear lakes and lush green rolling valleys, giant skyscrapers that literally scrape the sky. Or how about white sandy beaches, waves crashing on the land. Wait, wait, what about THE GRAND CANYON?! Yeah I’m from Georgia, home of the trees… and more trees. So where the heck can you make Instagram worthy, and wall hanging worthy engagement photos?! After all, isn’t this supposed to be the most memorable time of your life, YES IT IS. And I might be able to help a little bit ;)

I have combined a list of my most favorite locations for Engagement photos. Take a peek.


Providence Canyon

First on the list, and a personal favorite, Georgia’s little grand canyon. UM YEAH we have a grand canyon. Way down in Lumpkin GA, we humans screwed up a little bit, poor farming back in the 1800s. But like all things, God made good from our mistakes and now we have this neat little canyon with multicolor soil. soft to the touch and super shiny sand, mixed with red clay. Just a small hike and you’ll think your in Arizona.


Atlanta, GA

Secondly, and a no brainer, the capitol itself. Atlanta is BANGING. seriously, there are so many neat locations in this city. But since I have to pick a specific I will go with this parking deck. YUP a good ole parking deck right in the middle of all the madness. if you’re feeling fancy and romantic this one is for you! Bring your lover, a bottle of champagne, me, and we will spend the evening watching the sun fade behind the city buildings. It is truly magical.



Ill say it louder…. AT YOUR OWN COMFY HOUSE!! and before you say “my house ain’t cute” trust me… ain’t nothing I cant work with. I might even bring in some plants and décor from my own house! Please believe me when I say there isn’t anything cuter and more sweet than couch cuddles in his tee shirt and undies. Eating Ben & Jerrys, watching the office (I just described my Friday nights HA) Always always invite me over for these sessions!

Georgia has much more to offer than we give credit for. Even I used to complain about how all I see is trees every session, just have to look for it :) Here is a list of more lovely places for engagement photos, or any other memorable moments!

Top left to right: Georgia National Fair - Perry. Turnip Seed Nursery Farm - Fayetteville. Indian Springs (Oldest State Park) - Indian Springs.

Middle left to right: High Falls State Park - High Falls. My Yard HA - Jackson. Square Of Jackson (Stranger Things) - Jackson.

Bottom left to right: Ridgeway Christmas Tree Farm - Jackson. Mountain View Church - Meansville. Pepper Sprout Barn Venue - Jackson.

As you can see there are TONS of locations for any session you want! These are locations I use a lot and have no travel fee! Rivers, Waterfalls, Gardens, Tree Farms, State Parks, Popular Movie Scene locations, even wedding venues open up their property for photographers to use. Don’t be out of the loop, ask your photographer for those secret picture perfect spots we see all over the gram ;)

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