Wedding Welcome Guide

Congratulations first of all! I am super stoked you have chosen me as your photographer/friend for your special day. No need to worry, I am laid back but assertive when need be :) and I am totally prepared to capture this day so you guys can look back and reminisce on all the goodness and craziness from it.



All set. you are signed, sealed, and all mine! HAHAHA. By this time we usually have met, but if not I will be setting up a pre-meeting with you guys just to say hi and get to know each other.

I will prepare to schedule your engagement session (if included or added) and be touching base on things like wardrobe and location for engagement session, if you need recommendations for other vendors, how ya mama is. Just the basics.

next up, engagement sessions. Just skip this part if you have chosen not to do one :(


This will be your PHOTOSHOOT, your wedding day will be document as real and genuine as the day goes. So wear your favorite outfits and we will have fun and play some games. Your personality will shine through these images. It is all about you today. No guests, no cake to smash into each other, just the two of you in love. Oh you want to know what to wear? I got you.

Like I said, anything that represents YOU AS A COUPLE. if you’re stylish, dress it up! If your adventures, strap on those boots and ill hike it with ya! If your fiancé is totally unfashionable and awkward, just buy his outfit for him ;)

Your session will last about an hour then we will sit and talk about the wedding day needs. So be thinking and jotting down anything you’ll need to mention to me!

Good wardrobe colors: neutrals

Color chart.png


Pre-Wedding Needs

Since I also specialize in women’s boudoir, most of my brides want to gift an album to their soon to be spouse of a special kind of photoshoot. Cute panties, sexy eyes, large lush bed… yeah its fun! This will need to be scheduled 6 weeks before the wedding date to ensure product delivery and approval and to make it in time to be gifted the night before the wedding.

Want to see a bridal boudoir session? just click here. password: boudiebride

Bridal Sessions can be scheduled two weeks before the wedding date, you will wear your dress and get dolled up for your own separate photoshoot. I will take you to a fun, dreamy location for a one hour session just for you!


Way before your wedding day, I will send you a timeline of how the photography schedule will go. I will need to know ceremony & reception times ASAP so I can create a schedule best fit for all of us. I will need to know of anything “special” or any surprises you have planned. Will you want a first look before the ceremony? Do you want the traditional first look? ETC?

It is extremely important we stay on this schedule, you will not have this day to makeup. Please have any and all details (full invitation set & envelopes, rings, ring boxes, jewelry, shoes, bouquet) together and ready the night before, Dresses hung together to be photographed with the brides dress.



Unplugged Ceremony

We love Uncle Bobby and we know he just wants to get a quick snap of you coming down the aisle to show his fishing buddies a photo of his favorite niece on her big day, but I greatly encourage an unplugged wedding (no electronic cameras, phones, tablets during ceremony).

Although I am a professional and all images will be retouched, I strive to have a natural editing style and extensive editing can alter images too much so phones and tablets or any electronic devices will not be removed from images delivered. Please have your officiant make an announcement before the ceremony or have signs reminding family and friends you’d prefer to see their smiling faces as you’re coming down the aisle :)

Final Notes

I know how stressful wedding planning can be, the last thing I want tot do is pester you. I will send you a email or text the week of your wedding just to say hello and see how you’re doing, by this point we have gone over everything I need to know now its time to get hitched!

Never ever hesitate to ask questions, or seek advice (I’ve been to a lot of weddings) or VENT cause you might need to from time to time! I am always a call away!