Welcome Guide

YASSSS!! Congratulations we are signed, sealed and ready for take off! I am honored you have chosen me as your photographer, and you have trusted me with such an incredible gift to share with you. Lets jump right in.


Autumn - that is me when I was preggers :)

Avid DIY-er, and mimosa connoisseur, mother of two.

All about me…

I shared a little about myself in my bio portion, but here’s a deeper look… ah-hem… I spend most of my days cleaning poop and thrifting for odd pieces of home décor. I actually talked my husband into going to an auction and he bought ceramic quails so yeah, we haven't done that again. I am a huge fan of the office. you’ll probably hear me make references a lot so pre warned there. I do love my family and I love Jesus and I am not afraid to brag and praise all the good he has done for me and my family. Once when I was about seven years old I was swinging on a tire swing and I swallowed a lady bug, I know that's really irrelevant to share but its a true story. Now that I have your attention, here is some for real important stuff for you.

Why is this so important?

I know right now you are super excited to plan your baby shower, gender reveal, decorate the nursery and omgosh the perfect name for your precious babe… but let me be the first to really tell you IT GOES BY SO DANG FAST! I don't even remember potty training my first child, much less remember her tiny sweet hands. I will document her tiny wittle feet and perfect wittle nose. I will capture her sweet sleepy smile and her pouty little lips while she is still brand new to this world. When you look back on these photographs you will instantly be taken back to the first days of her life and remember just how fragile and tiny she was. then all of a sudden those emotions and feelings will flood right back into your heart every single time you see them!

Things to remember…

  • pacifiers

  • extra blankets

  • bottles or nursing equipment

  • snacks (for you)


Lifestyle sessions: Relax.

Yes, its that simple. pretend I am not even there. of course I will guide you and direct you. but first lets get rid of camera shyness and awkward “head light eyes”. listen to me give you odd and weird promps to follow and laugh at my jokes… im hilarious youll see.


Lifestyle & Studio sessions: Don't over do it.

I’m talking about appearance. make it simple, yet appealing. Take care of yourself. when you look good you feel good. Wear something you feel like YOU in. which brings me to my next topic…. wardrobe guidance :)

Whaaaat do I wear?!


You cant ever go wrong with natural and simple. Neutral colors. do not… I say I say, DO NOT go matchy matchy. minimal patterns, solids are key with accessories to add a little umph to it. lets say mom wants to wear her floral gown, PERFECT. everyone else wear solid blues, blush pink, rusty orange, browns and greys. you picking up what im putting down? good.

color chart.jpg

Lifestyle or Studio

Lifestyle: the way in which a person or group lives. Lifestyle sessions are in the comfort of your own home. extremely natural and simple and just plain beautiful. my heart throbs for these sessions.


Studio: strategic posing and colorful hues to enhance babys sweet perfect skin. choose from my mountain of wraps and hats and bows and baskets and boxes and yeah I can keep going! you will want to hang these all over the walls of your home!

To The Parents,

thank you again for trusting me with your precious gift. I PROMISE safety is my first priority! I will take care of everything so you just relax and take it all in. Sessions should be scheduled between 4 -14 days old. The session will last 2-3 hours so bring snacks. the studio will be warm so dress accordingly (if your not being photographed). please dress babe in loose fitting clothes for easy changes. if possible feed babe once you arrive at the studio. full baby = happy baby.

two newborn.jpg

Once again, I am truly honored you've chosen me out of so many talented photographers. if i’ve missed anything please ask and I will gladly help as best as I can.

- Aut